Saturday, December 15, 2012

A cry from a sorrowful heart...

And so, we grieve again.  This time, the pain seems unbearable.

Who could shoot a classroom full of children.  Babies, really.

What kind of monster does something like that?

We've been here before.  We've asked the same questions.

How is this possible?  Who could do such a thing?  And, the never ending, never answered...


I'm normally one of those asking the questions that do not get answered.

Tonight, however, I am going to try to put my thoughts down, my thoughts on the why of these things...  I am not an expert.  I claim no insight or special knowledge.  I am simply a woman who is tired of having her heartbroken by monsters...


Because we are a nation in free-fall.

We've lost our way and are stumbling around in the dark, groping for something better while cursing what we've left behind.

The problem is there was nothing wrong with what was left behind.

Respect.  Decency.  Civility.  Honesty.  A true, genuine concern for each other, not just ourselves.

A realization that we are all in this together, no matter our race, no matter our political leanings, no matter our differences.  We knew, when it came down to it, that we were all the same:  mankind.

Old people were listened to and respected, if for no other reason than they had lived and survived things we hadn't.  Their stories taught us so much...

Babies were not fetuses, to be disposed of because they were inconvenient, imperfect, annoying.

Marriage was a good thing and it was for the long term.  It wasn't tossed away over petting things.  Husband and wife worked at it because that's what you did.  You didn't wake up one morning and head off to the lawyer because you no longer wanted to be married.  It was a commitment.

Families were the core of society; mom, dad, and kids.  There was love but there was also discipline.  Kids didn't expect to be handed their every whim.  They worked for those things while being given guidance, discipline, and love.

Today, old people are no longer valued; they are warehoused, hidden away, out-of-sight and mind.  The president wonders if it isn't better to send the old person home with pain medication instead of fixing that broken hip because, after all, they've lived their lives and the medical care should be for the young...

Babies are 'tissue' and there are people out there advocating for abortion up to the child reaches the age of one because, until then, they aren't really people...

Marriages last 55 hours...

God isn't welcomed in very many places, certainly not in our schools.

It is our children who are suffering.  They are growing up without clear guidelines, without ethics and morality that is hard and fast not situational.  They are submerged in the messages of Hollywood from the moment they can watch a TV... and they have no way to understand any of it...

Bigger, faster, more... buy, buy, buy.

Sweet sixteen parties cost thousands of dollars and have become normal.

Under-age drinking is a right of passage because, after all, we all did it, didn't we?

Images of young children dressed up to look sexy are everywhere while we still pretend to be offended by sexual predators who hunger for young children.

We feed every vice, every perversion in the name of freedom.  How dare we judge any one's behavior?  We have no right.

Our children believe in nothing, not even themselves.  What is there for them to believe in?

God has been taken from them.

Life has become meaningless.

Nothing is more important then their wants.

We saw the outcome of that today.

A 20-year-old killed his mother then walked into a school and killed twenty children between the ages of five and ten.

There are those who would call the killer a child.


Here's my answer:

Because we have stopped being adults.  Because we have stopped expecting respect and decency from our children.  Because we have taken away rules and expectations and discipline and left them with nothing.

We need to look in the mirror tomorrow and understand this.  We need to stop searching for answers that are in front of us, answers we have become to blind to see.

It has to stop...

And we, the adults, are the ones who have to stop it.



Greybeard said...

We now have several generations of children who have been raised by single Mothers who are being paid by nanny government to raise their kids.
Family values?
These are the values:
I get $X if I have one baby.
I get $2X if I have another.
And so on.

These kids then reach the age where they are physically mature, with hormones raging. Their bodies are telling them one thing, their Mother another. Our cities are now FULL of gangs of kids who are looking for "family" because the support they want and need isn't available at home.

And when these kids reach puberty.
The cycle perpetuates itself... No, check that...
It worsens...
Babies having baby, after baby, after baby.
And Uncle Sugar provides more $$$$$ for each new iteration.

We cannot go on this way.
But sadly, I think the only this chain gets broken is to break the SYSTEM.
And that will be UGLY, UGLY, UGLY.

Thanks for your thoughtful post, CJ.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

It's children raising children or -- even more highly desired -- soon to be the government raising children.

Trust me, you have not yet seen the bottom of this fall.