Monday, December 03, 2012

Heroes and wanna-bes...

This is JR Salzman, world champion log roller and boom runner.  

He is also an Iraqi vet.  Here's what Wikipedia says about his deployment:
In Iraq, Salzman was primarily assigned to convoy security duties. On December 19, 2006, while scouting for improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in the lead Humvee of a convoy traveling through Baghdad, his vehicle was struck by an Explosively Formed Penetrator. His right arm was severed below the elbow and his left hand was pulverized by the blast. He also suffereed a traumatic brain injury. As he is allergic to morphine he was transported to a field hospital before any anesthetic was given.[1] The first thing he said to the medic, indicating that his legs were uninjured, was "at least I'll still be able to logroll."
Salzman won a log rolling title in 2009.

Today, on Twitter, this is what the jackass Keith Olbermann had to day to Salzman during an exchange on Twitter:

J.R. Salzman ‏@jrsalzman
Getting 2nd Amendment advice from Bob Costas is a bit like getting career advice from @KeithOlbermann.
Keith Olbermann ‏@KeithOlbermann

@jrsalzman You could benefit from my career advice, Son. I've lasted 33 years and made millions. You?You have a bad avatar and Grade D humor

13h J.R. Salzman ‏@jrsalzman
@KeithOlbermann I too hope to one day be so successful I'm sacked from my multimillion dollar job(s) for acting like a petulant child.

Keith Olbermann ‏@KeithOlbermann@jrsalzman 

I'm sure you'll accomplish the second half of that if you haven't already. Your conduct on twitter embarrasses the military.

So, according to the mouth that roared nonsense and bile, JR Salzman, winner of the Purple Heart, a man who was so moved by the September 11, 2001 attack he enlisted in the National Guard, is an embarrassment to the military.

Well, jackass, I got news for you; you're an embarrassment to mankind and all the money in the world will not change that.  Dress a pig up in finery and he's still a pig.

If you tweet, feel free to let @KeithOlbermann know how you feel.

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