Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Troubling thoughts...

This is one of those times when I fear I am not what my faith demands I should be.

Here's why:

They're having trouble finding a cemetery to take the body of the older Boston Marathon Bomber.  I refuse to learn how to spell his name because I don't think it should be remembered...

But, to deny him a burial seems... like we're failing somehow.

I don't understand it, this feeling.

He was evil.  I have no doubt about that.

He deserves to be forgotten.  I have no doubt about that.


To deny him a proper burial?

That I am having doubts with.

A part of me believes he should be put into the ground and forgotten.  Maybe taken out to sea.  I mean, if it was good enough for bin Laden...

But to deny him something...

I'm conflicted

My faith declares I forgive.

I will never forget and I hope we, as a nation, never forget.

Forgiving is a different story.

Basic human compassion, something we do not dare lose because if we do, we become like them seems to tell us we need to put this man to rest and let God take it from there.


Rita said...

My faith tells me to forgive those who ASK to be forgiven. Look at it this way, do you think terrorist wants to be forgiven?

CnC said...

Hi CJ ! I vote for turning him into shark shit like Bin Laden!

CnC said...

Forgive is the f-word at least it is for me right now CJ
At some point I will have to work through that for my own sake. That is a tough one. Got any tips?

CJ said...


No, I don't think they do, but do I want to be like them?


Seems like a good answer to me, though since I was so late in posting your comments, he has been dealt with.

No, I have no tips. Still struggling myself. I don't want to hate, don't like to hate, but...